Affordable pay monthly websites for small businesses & the self-employed from ยฃ22/m.

Get a professionally crafted and carefully maintained business website without the huge price tag. Proudly based in the UK.

Have confidence that your website is getting found and impressing visitors with the peace of mind that everything is taken care of. Free yourself from website woes so you can get on with what you do best!

All-inclusive Packages fromยฃ12 per month

No contracts, minimum terms or set-up fees!
  • Professional web design
  • Crafted to meet your business objectives
  • Ongoing updates & support included
  • Premium eco-friendly UK web hosting
  • Free domain name1
  • Privacy-friendly website analytics
  • Easily make content updates yourself
  • Sell your products or take bookings online2
  • Search engine friendly
  • Up and running in as little as 7 days

1Or use one you already have! A small annual supplement applies to some TLDs. See here for details. 2With bolt-on.

COVID-19 information: Operating safely as usual. No service disruption expected. Strengthened trusted support partnerships in place as a precaution.

Here's how it works


Pick a website plan  (Get started today!)

Choose from the selection of affordable pay monthly website plans and bolt-ons below to tailor something perfect for you. All plans are completely flexible and can be up/downgraded at any time so you can pay as you grow. Can't decide? Contact for a free consultation!


Business insight  (Around 1 โ€“ 2 hours)

Immediately after signing up, you'll receive a digital insight pack that will intuitively guide you through simple discovery steps to share your business objectives and your design tastes. You are more than welcome to contact at any time to discuss at greater length any of the finer details.


Design & development  (Around 3 โ€“ 7 days)

Based on the deep dive in to your business, we'll get to work on the web design and development. We'll likely go back and forth a few times as you provide your feedback on the design and help to shape the website content until we are both 100% satisfied with the output.


Launch and beyond  (Ongoing improvements, maintenance & support)

Once you're totally happy, it's time to go live! We'll submit your website to major search engines and shout about it online. You'll also receive some basic training on using the website management system to easily make content updates yourself as well as taking advantage of the comprehensive ongoing benefits as detailed in your selected plan.

A mockup of two smartphones with websites on screen

Choose your plan

All pay monthly website plans are completely flexible and you can up/downgrade at any time. Need something more bespoke? Just ask!

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FledglingEssentials Take FlightStandard New HeightsPlus

Get started with an effective, impressive one-page brochure website with sections for all your key business information.

Level up with a full-featured multi-page business website complete with an unlimited blog/news section.

Reach new heights with a premium business website complete with even more ongoing improvements.

๐Ÿ—“  Monthly price £12 £32 £42
๐Ÿ†“  Set-up fee None None None
๐Ÿ‘‹  Minimum term 1-month 1-month 1-month
Website Features
๐Ÿ“„  Number of pages (not including shop/blog related pages) Single page Up to 8 Up to 40
๐Ÿ‘จ๐Ÿผโ€๐ŸŽจ  Professionally designed
๐Ÿ—ž  Blog/news functionality Upgrade to unlock
๐Ÿ“ฑ  Online eCommerce shop Available with bolt-on Available with bolt-on Available with bolt-on
๐Ÿ–ผ  Image galleries
๐Ÿ’ฌ  Social media integration
โœ๏ธ  Contact form
๐Ÿ”  Search engine friendly
๐Ÿ“ฑ  Mobile friendly
โœ๏ธ  WordPress CMS Upgrade to unlock
Webmaster Services
๐Ÿ“  Unlimited Content Updates Monthly batches DIY instantly or weekly batches DIY instantly or weekly batches
๐ŸŽจ  Ongoing Improvement Requests 1 hour/month 1.5 hours/month 2 hours/month
โœจ  Complete Redesign/Refresh Optional after 12 months Optional after 12 months Optional after 12 months
๐ŸŽ“  WordPress CMS Training Upgrade to unlock
๐Ÿ”  Search engine submission
๐Ÿ’พ  Backups Weekly & monthly Weekly & monthly Weekly & monthly
โซ  CMS software updates N/A When available When available
๐Ÿšจ  Website security Realtime monitoring + weekly scans Realtime monitoring + weekly scans Realtime monitoring + weekly scans
๐Ÿ“จ  Support Options Priority Email Helpdesk, FB Messenger Priority Email Helpdesk, Callback Scheduler, FB Messenger Priority Email Helpdesk, Priority Callback Scheduler, FB Messenger
๐Ÿ‘จ๐Ÿผโ€๐Ÿ’ป  Additional Bespoke Work 10% discount 15% discount 20% discount
Web Hosting & Domain Name
โ˜๏ธ  Premium Eco-friendly Hosting
โŒจ๏ธ  Domain Name Included (more info)
๐Ÿ“ง  Domain Email 1 x email forwarder included
Business email available with bolt-on
Up to 5 x email forwarder included
Business email available with bolt-on
Up to 10 x email forwarder included
Business email available with bolt-on
๐Ÿ“ˆ  Website Analytics
๐Ÿ”’  SSL Security Certificate
๐Ÿšช  Monthly Visits Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
โœ…  Uptime Guarantee 99.9% 99.9% 99.9%
โšก๏ธ  High Speed Guarantee
Sign-up Now Sign-up Now Sign-up Now

โ„น๏ธ Payments Info
The first month of your new website is paid upfront as a one-time payment but the clock on your subscription does not start ticking until the website goes live. We'll be in touch to arrange recurring billing via card or Direct Debit once you're totally happy.

Website bolt-ons

Supercharge your pay monthly website with extra features and services. Swipe to browse our flexible website bolt-ons.

All bolt-ons can be added or removed at any time. Select a plan above to get started.

eCommerce online shop

Sell unlimited products & services using the worlds most popular eCommerce software. Easily manage orders, payments, products, shipping, coupons and more from an integrated website dashboard. Does not count towards page limit. Find out more about Goldcrest eCommerce.

ยฃ12 per month

Premium on-page SEO

All Goldcrest Pay Monthly Websites are built in a search engine friendly way, however, some industries are particularly competitive and can benefit from some additional ongoing on-page SEO work including content creation, optimisation, keyword research and more.

From  ยฃ35 per month

Business email accounts

Professional @yourdomain business email accounts with webmail access, anti-virus and comprehensive spam filter plus sync across all your devices with IMAP. Accounts starting at just ยฃ3.25 per month per 2GB mailbox.

ยฃ5.25 per month per mailbox

Social media marketing

Stand out on social media with a profile makeover plus regularly produced and scheduled attention-grabbing graphics and engaging content as part of a bespoke social media marketing plan.

From  ยฃ32 per month

Looks good, does good

Goldcrest Pay Monthly Websites is proud to commit to carbon positivity and environmentally friendly web hosting solutions. Swipe to discover our current sustainability efforts.

Funding tree plantings in Madagascar

Every month, every Goldcrest pay monthly website will fund 5 tree plantings via Offset Earth (fulfilled by Eden Reforestation Projects). Currently supporting fair wage jobs responsibly planting carbon-sequestering and wildlife-sheltering mangrove trees in Madagascar.

Included in every plan

100% renewables-powered UK web hosting

Datacentres full of always-online web servers consume a significant amount of energy. That's why all Goldcrest Pay Monthly Websites are proudly hosted on premium web servers in a London, UK datacentre powered by 100% renewable energy.

Included in every plan

Here's some we made earlier

David's Kitchen

Website & maintenance for Scottish food-to-go retail chain David's Kitchen complete with customisable menus, order forms and blog.


Beth Frost Art

Website & maintenance for Hampshire-based artist Beth Frost complete with simple online store for selling merchandise.


MMM Surveys

Website & maintenance for Mark McCrea Marine Surveys based in Northern Ireland with blog and great SEO results.


Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Here's some answers to some of the most common questions. Still not sure? Contact anytime via our contact page or Facebook Messenger.

COVID-19 Information

Operating safely as usual from home. No service disruption expected. Strengthened trusted fallback support & maintenance partnerships in place as a precaution.

Are there any long-term commitments? Is there a contract?

All plans are on a monthly rolling basis unless otherwise stated. There are no long-term commitments. The first month is non-refundable. There are no refunds for unused portions of months.

After 18 months or equivalent top-up payment, you will have the option to receive a license to your completed website source code where you are welcome to move the entire site to a new provider. Of course, you can also continue your rolling plan and take advantage of all of the great benefits including ongoing design improvements, feature updates, all-inclusive maintenance and more. See 'Will I own my website?' for more info.

What happens when I buy and how long until my new website is live?

As soon as you sign-up to a pay monthly website plan, you will receive a lovingly created kickstart pack which contains a handful of questionnaires and worksheets that will inform the design & development of your new site. Once you submit the completed documents, websites can usually be live within just 7 days unless you have a different launch date in mind.

Will I own my website?

While our focus is providing value via our ongoing included services and there are no long-term commitments tying you down, you will own and have the ability to move your completed website to a new provider after 18 months worth of payments (or equivilent lump top-up payment). If you upgrade your site, your buy out cost will be calculated at the cost of your latest plan.

For example, if you have been on our starter plan at ยฃ15 a month for 12 months, you can buy your complete website for ยฃ90 (ยฃ15 * (18 months - 12 months). Alternatively, if you were on our starter plan for ยฃ15 a month for 6 months and upgraded to a more expensive plan at ยฃ30 a month for 12 months before deciding you wanted to own the rights to your website, you will have paid ยฃ450 to date and owe ยฃ90 (18 months * ยฃ30 - ยฃ450).

Owning your website means that you will be provided website source code and a license to use the files in accordance with other relevant licensing agreements such as CMS and other assets. You will always retain the copyright to any text content, imagery or other assets you have provided.

These buyout costs are in place to ensure that the flexible pay monthly plans remain viable and to curb abuse of the significant time investment in the initial website build and ongoing maintenance.

What is a domain name? Which domains can I choose? What if I already have a domain?

A domain name is the phrase and extension your visitors will type in to the URL address bar to find your website. For example,

To be able to provide you with your desired domain name, it must be unregistered and available publicly for non-premium registration. You can check domain name availability and which extensions require a small annual supplement on the domains page.

Already have a domain name? No problem! With a few simple settings that we can guide you through, you can use any existing domain name for your new pay monthly website.

What payment methods do you accept and are there any additional fees?

Initial payments are accepting of all major credit/debit cards using secure industry standard payment processor Stripe.

Before your second month, we will arrange recurring monthly billing. For customers in the UK & Eurozone, the preferred method is Direct Debit via our secure payment processing partner GoCardless. For international customers or customers who would prefer not to use Direct Debit, recurring credit/debit card billing via Stripe is also available.

There are no additional payment fees on any payment method and Adam Greenough trading as Goldcrest Pay Monthly Websites does not currently charge VAT (value added tax).

Why do I pay the first month right away?

The first month of your pay monthly website is billed in advance to cover the costs of domain name registrations, web hosting and to ensure that you are serious about moving forwards with the project. Although it is billed in advance, the first month does not start counting down until your website is live.

Can I upgrade my pay monthly website plan?

Absolutely! You can upgrade your website package or add/remove bolt-ons at any time. Simply contact to arrange.

What do you call a month?

In general, billing is attempted on the same day each month. For example, if you start on the 3rd March, your next payment will likely be on the 3rd April.

Can I pay quarterly or semi-annually?

Billing is also available as quarterly (3 months with 5% discount) or semi-annual (6 months with 10% discount) payments. There are no refunds for unused portions if you decide to cancel.

How do I manage my pay monthly website?

You can find your plan details, access website CMS logins, browse analytics, view help guides, get support and more in our clever client area at

About Goldcrest Pay Monthly Websites

Based in Fareham, United Kingdom and serving customers across the world, Goldcrest Pay Monthly Websites is a specialist web design company offering contract-free websites on a pay monthly basis. Goldcrest Pay Monthly Websites is not website financing or monthly installment payments, there is no upfront fee or balance to pay off, we simply offer great value small business web design and all-inclusive maintenance for a transparent monthly price.

You may find yourself asking how these affordable website prices are sustainable, but it's simple really. Creating long-term business relationships by producing quality work that contributes to the success of your business is great for both of us. The flexible pay monthly plans mean you can simply 'pay as you grow'.

Pay monthly web design by Goldcrest Pay Monthly Websites is ideal for all sorts of small businesses and self-employed people including small retailers, tradespeople, hair salons, beauty salons, mechanics, handmade goods, artists, musicians, entertainers and more. Almost every business will benefit from a strong, reliable online presence.

Don't waste your time and money with DIY website builders that will never perform as well as a professionally designed business website when you can pay one affordable fixed monthly cost for web design, web development, web hosting, website maintenance, SEO and more in one simple plan with Goldcrest Pay Monthly Websites.

All of our websites are powered by a self-hosted version of the wonderful WordPress CMS, the same content management system which powers over 1/3rd of the web, making updating your own content an absolute pleasure.

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