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Domain Names

A domain name is your websites address that people will type in to a browser URL bar (or visit via a link) to view your website.

As an analogy, if your website was a house, then your domain name will be its address.

Domain names are purchased from accredited registrars and require renewing on an annual basis.

Each Goldcrest Pay Monthly Website includes one free domain name for as long as you are with us from your choice of…

  • .uk
  • .com

…or choose one of the other extensions on this page below for a small annual supplement.

Additional supplements on some extensions

Different domain name TLDs (top level domains, eg. ‘.com’, ‘.net’, ‘’ as well as new style ones such as ‘.art’, ‘.site’, ‘.builders’) can have very different pricing so it is necessary for us to charge an additional annual supplement on some domains to make up the cost. You can find those supplements below. They may be subject to change on renewal depending on the prices the domain registries set.

Most popular

These domains are the most popular choices due to their age and familiarity, however, people will often struggle with a lack of availability for their desired brand name. You may have more luck with the additional options further down this page.

Domain extensionAnnual supplement
.co.ukNothing to pay
.comNothing to pay
.org.ukNothing to pay
.ukNothing to pay

Prices correct as of 28/04/2020 but may be subject to change based on upstream providers.

More options

These new style domain names generally have much more availability. You can check availability with the domain checker tool on this page.

Domain extensionAnnual supplement
.me £17

Prices correct as of 28/04/2020 but may be subject to change based on upstream providers. All prices will be confirmed with you before any payment is attempted. Some domains may be subject to identity verification/business requirements.

What if I already have a domain name?

No problem! We can guide you through the very simple steps to point your existing domain name to your new website. You can retain total control of your domain at all times.

What happens if I leave?

Your are free to take control of your domain name at any time, we never hold them hostage. This can be done by either a free internal transfer at our upstream provider Namecheap Inc. (you will simply need to create a free account) or you can arrange another domain provider to transfer this to their control who will usually charge a small fee equivalent to one years registration.