Privacy Policy

Your privacy and security is a top priority. Here’s an overview of how my service providers and I look after your information. 🛡

G Suite Email, Documents, File Storage

I use Google Services for email, document creation and file storage. This means that messages and information you have provided me may be stored securely on the G Suite platform for as long as they could be required. Google claim they are “committed to complying with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation”. You can view Google’s own privacy policy here.

Proposals, Contracts, Invoices, Subscriptions

I use a service called AND CO (owned by Fiverr Inc.) for proposals, contracts, invoices & subscriptions. If I generate a proposal/contract or send you an invoice/subscription your details will be stored in AND CO in order to process this. I will also privately keep copies of all generated financial records for a minimum of 5 years as mandated by UK law.

If you make a payment via AND CO, your payment may be processed by Stripe (card processor) or PayPal, your details will be processed by them in accordance with their own privacy policies.

Website Analytics

This website is hosted in the UK by Krystal Hosting Ltd and routed via CDN (content delivery network) provided by Cloudflare, Inc. Both of these services require the collection of IP addresses and access logs in order to provide an effective and secure service.

In addition to these service providers, I collect my own anonymised usage analytics using a self-hosted version of Matomo Analytics. This information is used to help create the most useful website experience and is not used for any kind of ad tracking or remarketing. Your IP, which is essential for delivering you the web page anyway, is automatiaclly looked up in a locally stored GeoIP database to match with a rough location (city, country) and is then anonymised.

A small cookie is also placed on your device in order to connect visits between pages within my domains. No personally identifiable information is stored in relation to this tracking, however, if you submit a contact request or other action on the website where you submit personal details it could be technically possible to match a anonymised session to this request.

You are able to change your usage tracking settings on this page. Changing this setting will require a cookie is set on your device in order to remember your preferences.

Domain Names

I utilise a number of different personally owned domain names and subdomains when providing my services, domains include but not limited to:

  • (and subdomains)
  • (and subdomains)
  • (and subdomains)
  • (and subdomains)

Passwords, Server Connections

Passwords and server details you provide me will be dealt with securely. Details are stored as needed in an encrypted, 2FA protected password manager (more information available on request). If your website/server allows it, I will always endeavour to connect via a secure encrypted connection (eg. SFTP/SSH). Connections are made and stored only from devices with encrypted storage and strong active & passive security, password-protected, anti-virus and firewall measures.

If you would like to send me details with an added layer of security, we can arrange this to be communicated using PGP asymmetric encryption.

Other Information

Although I take care with external links & service providers, I am not responsible for the content or data processing of 3rd-party websites or services.

Last updated 29th April 2020